Shem Malachi Bey


Shem Malachi Bey has been drafting legal documents since 1992 and working as a paralegal and assistant to counsel assisting those in court since 2000. In 2005, Shem began studying Moorish history, treaties and international law. Also, in 2005 Shem began his education in Finance. He studied banking and commerce governed by United States commerce law.

Shem’s greatest awakening came in 2012 when he learned how to use Moorish treaties and international law to protect his people, the Moors, and that the United States does not have jurisdiction over his people, the Moors, based on the Moorish treaties. Furthermore, Shem learned through his treaty and international law studies how his people, the Moors, give the United States power to speak and reshape his people’s, the Moors, national political status, therefore, preventing his people, the Moors, from being protected by Moorish treaties and international law. In 2014, Shem help facilitate the forming of the Isle Apostolic Republic.

In 2019, Shem help formed the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus.

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